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21 Facebook Live Shows I Wish You’d Create

Steve Brogan Dealing Poker I’ve been experimenting with Facebook Live for Mac using a software I’m helping promote called Ecamm Live. The show I’ve created is a proto-news kind of show, and I’m trying to make it better every episode. But every time I go live, I end up wishing YOU would make a show, too.

So here are some ideas for shows I wish you’d produce that I could then watch (either live or the recording). And hey, if you’re using a Mac, check out Ecamm Live as a great tool for making a show like this.

21 Facebook Live Shows I Wish You’d Create

  1. Poker Tips (My dad could make this one.)
  2. Accountability Buddies LIVE – get your goals straight
  3. Case Study Theater – fun reads on boring case studies
  4. Website Reviews – have people send in their sites. Tell them what’s what
  5. Coffee shop confidential – get people to whisper weird secrets to us live from coffee shops
  6. Brain Pickers – agree to brain picking coffee meetings ONLY if you can stream them
  7. Speaker Practice – professional speakers practice a lot. Stream it
  8. Product Demos – show us how things work
  9. Beer Me – live taste reviews of craft beers (I might do this one)
  10. Comic Haul – show us what you’ve picked up lately and give us a teaser
  11. Draw/Paint With Me – be creative and guide the audience in a group art project
  12. Kitchen Wizard – cook things and share it
  13. Smoothie Bo Boothie – similar, but blend it!
  14. Wake Up And Make Up – beauty shows (not for me specifically, but I think it’s cool)
  15. Yoga ta Be Kidding Me – parent and child yoga stream
  16. Bad Advice – I, for one, would watch a show where you promised bad advice every episode
  17. Make Up My Mind – thoughts and opinions backed with reasons
  18. Amazing News – good stuff without the bad stuff (who doesn’t want this?)
  19. The Good Stuff – find me the good shows online on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix. Review!
  20. Universal Translator – teach me a new language that you’ve known your whole life
  21. Code for Mortals – oh, we all need to learn code? Help us! Make a project

Steal these ideas. Make them your own. Launch your own damned shows! (Secret hint: almost all of these are sponsor-ready. I thought of at least two potential sponsors for each project. Or you could just get a ShareaSale account and make your own sponsorships.)

Okay? Go make some of these, and report back!

And check out Ecamm Live as a good tool for doing so.

This post first appeared at chrisbrogan.com

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29 August, 2017

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