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Connecting Isn’t REALLY About the Technology

Okay, sure. Technically, you might have to learn a tiny bit about how to make something happen with technology to be able to use tools like video and podcasts or email newsletters to reach people. But my point is that using that kind of tech isn’t (shouldn’t be) your big worry and focus.

Connecting Isn’t About the Technology

Instead, we simply use the tech to reach people in the ways they want to be reached. People are watching so much more video than ever before. Over a billion hours of video a day are being consumed on YouTube. And before you say that YOU don’t watch a lot of video, remember that you’re not selling to you. You’re trying to reach people who want what you sell.

No matter how big the company, the goal is to reach and connect with the people you most want to serve. We buy from people we like. And more importantly these days, we buy where we are. Have you noticed that? We may be walking down a street, realize we need something, and we’ll just open Amazon or eBay or wherever you shop and make the purchase? That’s on the consumer side, but don’t doubt for a minute that people aren’t popping open their mobile devices to research B2B purchases on the fly as well.

I Want to Show You An Example Video

Here’s a video I shot about a similar topic. I wanted to share the point that I’m not really much of a technologist, but that instead, I love the way we can use tech to reach people. Push play below:

Can’t see the video? Click HERE to watch it.

The tools it takes to shoot video can be as simple as your smartphone, or just the webcam in your laptop. You can get a little more tricky if you want (my first upgrade would be to get a good microphone). But it’s not a lot of work. Editing video is free and/or easy on iMovie (Mac) or Microsoft Photos (Windows) or on a few different web-based apps. It’s just not super duper hard to do the tech part.

The hard part? The human stuff.

What People Want in a Video

For the most part, we want two or three specific things from video, in this order:

  1. We want to be educated.
  2. We want to be entertained.
  3. We want to feel a connection.

When I’m looking for a recipe or a weightlifting move, I just want something quick and to the point (to be educated). When I watch a review on a piece of technology, I want the information, but I also appreciate being a little entertained (if only by someone taking the effort to make the video useful). If I end up liking the source of the video, then I might subscribe and want to seek out even more from that person (to feel a connection).

Think about your own business. That should be the goals of reaching and connecting with people there, too. Right? It makes sense that you’d want to give people what they want, maybe entertain them a little, and if you’re lucky, build a connection. No?

Focus on the Goal, Not the Tech

If you need help with technology, fine. Get some. That’s okay. But focus on the business goals, and on the sense that you want to connect with people so that they feel like they’re doing business with someone who cares about doing business with them.

We all want people to love what we sell, but it is only when people feel seen and understood that they are ready to buy.

And like always, if you want help with this for your company, I’m your guy.

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5 June, 2019

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