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The biggest opportunity all this technology has afforded us is the chance to share what we find interesting and to potentially connect with others we can help or who can enrich our lives or businesses. Formally or otherwise, we have the most opportunity ever, in the history of humans, to connect with people who are into what you are into. It’s baffling how few people choose to take advantage of this.

Use Your Voice

On the lighter side, if you really love recreating junk food in your kitchen, you could start the “Not Twinkies” website. If you are a LEGO minifig modifier who takes existing sets to create your own masterpieces, I know for sure there are others who love what you do. There’s a bunch of people out there, no matter what, who want to talk about what you want to talk about.

Causes and nonprofits know this. People with medical challenges know this (or should). There’s a group or a few strong voices out there speaking about whatever it is you’re into.

And you can be very specific. If you’re ONLY interested in talking with other female accordion players, there’s definitely someone out there waiting for you to gather up ideas and share. If you grew up identifying ramen noodle packs by their colors, not their intended “flavors,” there’s a group that loves to talk about how orange is the only one to eat uncooked. (My Lyft driver says she snacks on the contents of the orange ramen pack UNCOOKED. “Like chips,” she said.)

There Are Only Three Rules

Companies and people alike need to recognize that there are three important rules to this opportunity to interact and to build relationships with others:

  1. Speak to the buyer’s story
  2. Invite interaction
  3. Build to serve

If you want to find these other people with your voice, you have to write (or make video or audio or all the above) in ways that make the person you’re trying to reach the hero of the story, or at least make what you’re sharing feel very accessible.

Blathering AT people without making it easy to connect and interact beyond what you share isn’t all that helpful. I find that I have great conversations with people from all walks of life on Twitter or through email, and in all cases, because I’ve made it easy to connect with me, people feel that they can reach out and ask whatever they want to ask.

When I say “build to serve,” the point of creating any media whatsoever should be to serve others. If you’re writing about insomnia strategies, make it so that others might learn how to get a better night’s sleep. If you’re selling cloud storage solutions, share information that will help your buyers thrive. If you’re going to build content, and use your voice, use it to serve others.

Don’t Worry and Be Self-Conscious

The beauty of this time in our lives is that you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be honest about the interaction. If you’re a marketing student looking to meet others in your future field, just say that. If you deal with depression and want to know how others tackle the black dog, just say it. It’s an unprecedented time to reach out. Yes, some people might fight back against what you want to talk about, but you’ll also find those who want to share what you’re into.

How will they find you? The way I would find you: google. Search. YouTube. I find you because if you publish your words and videos and thoughts and ideas, I’ll find your voice on the internet somewhere.

That’s the big point. So? Get sharing!

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14 November, 2018

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